Your First HTML Webpage

So, you wish to make a website, but you have no idea how. We’re going to start out on the very starting by learning hypertext markup language, which is extra generally often called HTML. As we transfer along our learning, we’ll get into the total technical particulars of HTML and build some easy webpages. Even when you have never made an internet site earlier than, I feel you are going to be pleasantly shocked by how straightforward it’s to make your content seem inside of an online browser.

HTML kinds the muse of nearly each website, irrespective of how huge or small. So, by the time you end up learning about HTML, you may be prepared to maneuver on two different technologies like CSS, Java Script, and way more. As we’ll be taught, there is not any particular person expertise or language that allows the creation of modern websites and net functions. Rather, it is a broad collection of technologies that provide us the items we’d like to complete the puzzle. If none of what I stated makes any sense to you right now, don’t fret. We will take things one step at a time.

After this video, we’ll get right into a more formal introduction to HTML as a language, however first, let’s simply dive proper in and create our first webpage, step-by-step. To create a web site, all we’d like is a textual content editor and an internet browser. Let’s begin out with the text editor first.

A textual content editor is solely a program that is capable of making or modifying plain textual content information, and each computer comes with a textual content editor built right in. If you’re using Windows, we’ll start out by using Notepad. If you are on a Mac, you should use TextEdit in your applications folder. However, be careful, because the extra advanced word processing software like Microsoft Word or Pages on the Mac will typically provide additional styling rules and metadata that can be hidden out of your view. This won’t work for our HTML web page, so be sure that you are using a fundamental textual content editor.

Like I said, TextEdit on the Mac or Notepad on Windows will work just high-quality for now. Once you have your textual content editor open, merely sort in some text as you normally would. I’m going to kind within the phrase Hello World! Next, save your file in a place that you can open it later, and remember to save it with the file extension .html. So, we’ll go ahead and save the file here, and I will reserve it to the desktop, and I’m going to name the file index.html and hit save.

If you have already saved the file as a .txt file, don’t fret. Simply discover the file once more and rename it with the extension .html, and you will be nice. After you’ve got saved your HTML file, go away as your textual content editor open because we’ll need it again later. Now for the web browser part.

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A web browser is a program that permits you to view webpages and browse the online. If you utilize Windows, the browser that came along with your laptop known as Internet Explorer. There are other alternative browsers that you need to use, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but we’ll speak about that later. If you are on a Mac, the browser that got here together with your laptop is known as Safari.

My internet browser may look totally different from the one that you’re utilizing, but when a webpage is coded correctly, it ought to look very similar on any pc. The truth is, as we’ll discover, that’s part of the great thing about designing websites. Let’s go ahead and open our web browser. In your browser, you should see the text that you just typed into your textual content editor.

Now, that was surprisingly simple, wasn’t it? HTML files similar to some other files in your computer. Inside of the online browser, you’ll be able to select the textual content, however you shouldn’t be able to edit it. But, what if you want to make a change? Well, that’s truly very simple. For those who closed your text editor earlier, reopen the HTML file that we were simply modifying. First, we’ll type in some new text, such as the sentence Look what I can do!