7 Ways Businesses MAY USE Twitter

Before you begin implementing these different ways to use Twitter for your business, you’ve surely got to have a business Twitter account in place. We’ve got helpful information to setting up a business Twitter accounts, complete with choosing your name, profile picture, and history image, and that means you can away get tweeting right.

Simply using a Twitter account is a good first step towards developing a cohesive brand image online. However, you’ve got to use it in a manner that is participating, interesting, and suits with the image you’re aiming to create. Exactly like with any marketing exercise, your Twitter account must have a constant message and brand in order for its visibility to be beneficial.

Twitter profile picture – is it a logo? This will establish the tone of your Twitter account. A logo is more professional, while a headset is more approachable usually. The one you choose is up to you. Twitter record – you’ve effectively got some free advertising space in your Twitter history, so make the most of it and customize it to increase your branding efforts.

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Twitter bio – the “about” portion of Twitter is essential to creating a constant brand. You can include a web link to your company’s website here. Writing a targeted bio can help you find those followers who are most thinking about your brand – and therefore most likely to be customers.

There are some very nice examples of business Twitter accounts being used for customer care. You can use Twitter to respond directly to customers who’ve questions or problems, providing an instant route of communication to mitigate a whole great deal of potential issues. Check out the Bank of America’s Twitter account: they have scheduled times in which customer service representatives will answer questions and troubleshoot problems because of their customers.

Twitter is also a great place to get feedback from your customers, also to reach to them to share company news and changes away. Your customers will most likely @mention you when they have something to say that is due to your business. It’s good Twitter practice to answer these reviews, even if it’s only a thank you.

By permitting them to know you’re hearing, you’ll encourage your customers to continue to offer their 140-personality feedback. Your business Twitter account can also be used to share company news, as changes or acquisition in product offering. Being transparent with your customers in your Twitter outreach can make them trust you more, and it’ll strengthen your Twitter account.