Have You Started Your Own Business?

A growing number of retired individuals are either working or due to the fact step. The nice reasons are as varied as we are, but generally involve the financial need or a desire to use skills and skills as part of their satisfying retirement. Working for a retail or service industry is often the most obvious choice. Others have decided this is the perfect time to start a business.

If you skipped my post on starting a business after retirement, just click here. What Do You Do? We are all interested in what others do use their time in pension. One of the most viewed posts I have written has been So, ALL DAY LONG WHAT NOW ?? That is main questions all of us ask someone we’ve just met: “What do you do?” Saying, “I’m retired” will usually prompt the individual to question how you fill up your day. I’m requesting that question now, about working after retirement specifically.

I’ll go first. Since retiring 10 years back to I used to be a part-time tour guide for nearly five years. This job involved taking groups of visiting business people, around for a sales or convention seminar, horse riding, kayaking down the Salt River, getting involved in a cattle drive or biking through the dessert. It meant taking bus loads of folks to desert cookouts or fancy dinners at a 5 star resort.

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Often I’d be stationed at the airport terminal greeting folks as they found its way to Phoenix and helping them get their luggage and then onto the bus with their hotel. The work was simple, paid well, and experienced versatile hours. I was able to use my people and organizational skills and be a part of activities I’d normally not participate. How will you generate extra retirement income?

Now, your convert. We’d be quite interested in what you have done to re-join the task push, either full or part time. What different types of jobs have you tackled since retiring? Have you worked at a large box store, a small local retailer? Maybe it’s been at a grocery store, or a delivery service.

Some folks I know drive shuttle buses around town or at the airport. Have you started your own business? That might be anything from offering a few of your solid wood handmade or cupboards quilts, to becoming a consultant or launching a rug cleaning company. Is it a complete time or in your free-time effort for you?