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We’ve all done it: your makeup appears perfect at home, however when you get to any office it looks cakey, pale and harsh. Within a sea of makeup tutorials, there are few aimed toward office makeup. This is unfortunate since you want to look your best for presentations, sales pitches or job interviews, but there is a high risk of looking either completely beaten up or overly made-up or even garish for the reason that weird office lighting. This is especially the case with mineral makeup, base, contour, and eyeshadow mixing. Fortunately, with the correct lighting, you don’t have to forgo basis and sensible contouring in the office. There are many makeup blending tools, but this is the fight fifty percent.

The real key to getting your makeup befitting any office is to apply your makeup with the right lighting. The lighting in your bathroom or bedroom is probable dim and too yellow too, which will lead to makeup being too heavy. Natural sunlight is not right either, as it is too warm, imparting extra pink and gold to your skin layer when you’ll have to over-compensate for the grayish cast of harsh office lighting with the addition of in these tones.

For these reasons, we recommend the Ambertronix LED Desk Lamp for optimal even light when applying makeup. It is bright enough to leave you shadow free during makeup application without washing you out, and it does not deceptively add a warm tone that can sabotage your office makeup. The lighting is bright however, not harsh or eye-irritating, it does not flicker and tire out the eyes while being used, even for extended periods of time.

It has Multi-mode lighting and brightness will come in five levels and four different light modes with a touch-sensitive dimmer with an intuitive option menu pad. Offices are quite bright using their overhead LED sections, so applying makeup with a bright light is crucial. The bulbs last for 25 years, so the light might even outlast how long you decide to stay at your office job!

AUTO-OFF TIMER: Have Your Smart Phone Close By And Charging At The Same Time. A USB Charging Port Is FOR THE Lamp For Easy Charging. Also, Have The Ability To Turn Light Off Automatically With 1 Hour Auto-Off Timer. IDEAL FOR When Dozing Off. DESIGN: Slimline and sleek, it is 16.5″ high and 12.5″ long. The light arm easily bends to any position. Modern and stylish and with a little footprint it could be fit easily on tables, bedside, countertops and computer desks.

Also ideal for a dorm or small studio room apartment. EASY TO STORE: Just fold it and store away easy with only a little space. It was easy to assemble, it comes with directions but I didn’t need them. It is well packed and has a plastic material peel-off wrap that maintains it free of debris and scrapes within the container.

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It put together quickly, I plugged it in and switched it on. No annoying flicker and the light is shiny but not irritating to the eye. The control interface is very intuitive, the top has plus and minus buttons to dim or boost the lighting. Four lighting options can be found, for makeup, we recommend the brightest option. AUTO SHUT OFF: The one-hour shut down mode is useful so you do not accidentally leave the light on all day when you are away.

The light arm is completely adjustable to position for use applying makeup at a vanity table, desk, or using your bathroom mirror or even simply a compact mirror. Avoid makeup surprises at the office or anywhere with harsh, bright lighting by purchasing a bright natural LED light such as the Ambertronix LED Desk Lamp. It simulates natural light so your makeup will not appear strange either inside or outside.