Causes Of Macular Rashes On Skin

Macular rash is associated with red, level, and small areas on the skin, which is associated with scratching often. Macular rash can be caused due to chronic illness, allergic attack, or by using certain medications. Further macular rash is also triggered credited to viral or bacterial infections and can result in blistering or scaling of the skin. What Causes Macular Rashes On Skin?

There are a bunch of factors that are accountable for formation of macular rash on the skin. The complexities can be classified into infectious and noninfectious causes. Bacterial, fungal, or viral infections can result in macular rash on the skin. These factors tend to be associated with poor hygiene and skin care regimen.

Infectious causes tend to be contagious and can spread in one person to another through touch. Noninfectious instances include a sponsor of conditions which can result in macular rash. Dermatitis: Dermatitis generally known as eczema is a leading cause of ocular allergy. Dermatitis is further classified into seborrheic dermatitis (which occurs due to hormonal imbalance and genetic factors), atopic dermatitis (which occurs at years as a child), contact dermatitis (which occurs credited to exposure to a chemical substance). Nappy Rash or diaper allergy is common among infants who are held in diapers for a long duration of time. Poor ventilation and humidity are factors responsible for nappy rash.

Psoriasis: This is a disease which is often an autoimmune disorder, which is characterized by scaling and itchiness. Psoriasis often develops in response to stress and is aggravated during winters. Nummular Eczema is also a unique type of eczema which appears during winter seasons and it is associated with itching and oozing of your skin.

The appearance of a macular rash on the hip and legs can vary greatly in extent, severity, and overall appearance depending upon the underlying causative factor described above. Itching with inflammation and burning feeling on your skin. The burning up is relieved by application of cool water. The allergy might be associated with formation of blister and associated with small oozing from your skin. Often the macular rash may be associated with flaking of the skin, which is more seen in conditions like psoriasis frequently.

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Edema with ulceration on the hip and legs may be observed in individuals experiencing more persistent conditions like diabetes or peripheral artery disease. Leg Allergy can also be observed in situations of people with deep vein varicose and thrombosis veins. Application of aloe vera is considered to relieve the skin and reduce the inflammation and irritation. Local application of a mixture of turmeric with raw honey is effective. Turmeric has anti-microbial properties, while honey has a calming effect on your skin. Tea tree essential oil is known as beneficial in the general management of fungal and bacterial causes associated with macular rash.

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