I Married A Makeup Artist!

So before I ever fulfilled my wife, my makeup routine was very simplistic! I used covergirl local and base water eyeliner and that was pretty much it. Since I am in the military, everyone’s makeup is pretty basic. I had been actually considered a wing eyeliner master but little do I understand!

Linda and I met in November of 2014 in her hometown of Atlanta, GA (that is another tale!). It took a little time for me personally to get used to it but gradually it became natural and I’ve no idea the way I never do my eyebrows before. Like I said earlier, my knowledge of makeup brands literally were just drug store products. I had stepped foot into an Ulta never, Sephora, or MAC.

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I remember we went to the Exchange on the bottom and she was overly excited because they had Bobbi Brown. I gradually learned all about all the makeup brands and it became so easy to look for gifts for my dearest. Linda was and is so thinking about makeup that you (even if you are not interested in makeup) become just as addicted.

Her enthusiasm and pleasure from the various products and brands just fills the area! I learned about every product imaginable soon. A lot that I am certain I know more than most makeup artists, which is crazy! I learned about texture, pigmentation, application, various brushes, and everything in between. I have had makeup overload for days gone by three years and it’s been a trip.

So now I wish to take the time to introduce one to the amazing Linda Martin! Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, Translucent, 1 Ounce Buy Now Linda Martin Makeup Artist! Linda has been in love with makeup ever since she was a little girl. She would be watched by her mother and is at awe of the artistry included. When she was a little girl, she walked by the MAC Cosmetics counter in the mall and her and her mom had a mini-makeover.

She is at love from that instant on. Linda lived for earning enough to get the newest lipstick or limited model makeup. Her dream was to become a makeup artist. When I first fulfilled Linda, I watched her skill level and how she applied makeup and was amazed! I instantaneously knew she was a natural.

She understood she was proficient at applying makeup but I noticed that she had not been only good but great! I slowly started challenging her to do more dramatic looks. Even though the majority of us non-makeup people prefer natural looks, you understand we assume a makeup artist can do anything if they can do dramatic artistic looks!

It is similar to looking for a tattoo artist, the musician is desired by you that have gotten good at the skill of fine detail. She began accepting my challenges and amazed herself even. She is a genuine artist; she begins working on her canvas once, she actually is completely and absolutely immersed in her work. It really is honestly beautiful to view at times!