It Developed A Terrible Oil Leak

2 was in high school, He was found by me a 1989 Ford Bronco. Yes, it was old, yes, it had a lot of miles onto it, but it appeared as if him just. The body was in great form as well as the interior. It drove well, it was inside our price range and so Chris became the proud owner of the red horse, Thunder Horse his buddies named it.

Christopher smiled from ear to hearing from the day he first got it. In a short time the air-conditioning equipment ended working, but Chris didn’t appear to mind. When the roof materials shredded and began to hang down on his mind, he didn’t seem to mind. It developed an awful oil leak. Every time Chris somewhere came, his horse smelled and smoked. Chris never once complained. The ol’ horse would break down in the town many times. It needed to be towed several times.

My husband would have to get back after working all day and replace something on it, work on it while I prayed over it. Last week Chris drove out to a buddy’s home and we received that dreaded telephone call again. The horse died in their driveway. Husband said it acquired used its last life. It had been time to put it out to pasture.

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It had done its job. It got Chris through senior high school and through 2 yrs of college. GOD, THE FATHER led us to a beauty of an automobile. Much newer, no oil leaks and much better with the gas mileage. And it was also inside our price range. It now sits inside our driveway where in fact the ol’ horse used to sit but Chris doesn’t have that same ear to ear smile.

He is very thankful, but I know how he seems. Husband and boy required Thunder Horse to the rubbish lawn. You would have thought they were in a funeral procession. There is certainly something about falling deeply in love with your first car just, even if she is old and letting go is hard.

But sometimes it just has to be done. Letting go of something we love is hard. THEREFORE I ponder. 2. When the item is gone, we will have the recollections inside our center always. 3. Be thankful for what we’ve but do not become attached to it. 5. You can find more important things in life than.