Equity Investments For Start-ups

Companisto’s professional team contains entrepreneurs, capital raising investors and start-up experts. With decades of experience in capital raising, we select the most interesting investment opportunities for you and take care of the whole investment process. Tamo Zwinge is a previous lawyer of the international law firm CMS Hasche Sigle. He is a member of the Board of Directors for Law and Regulation of the German Crowdfunding Association and is a normal expert before the Finance Committee of the German Parliament. David Rhotert founded his first start-up in 2002, which he sold successfully. Since then he has focused on capital raising investments and has generated a solid network in the German-speaking start-up scene over 2 decades.

They too are learning options. Undertaking an R&D project gives management the right, however, not the obligation, to commercialize something if so when the R&D work is successful and the economics of producing and marketing the product are attractive. Although an R&D task seen in isolation may have a negative NPV, the choice to commercialize the effect is often extremely valuable – enough to determine that the task is undertaken in any case. Making irreversible investment decisions when confronted with doubt is dangerous. Being able to change a decision as new information becomes available helps reduce the risk. Traditional decision-making tools such as NPV, EVA, and income per share disregard the worthiness of such flexibility.

Real options, on the other hand, provide a theoretically sound tool for valuing management’s tactical scope. Recent developments in theory have made ROV techniques suitable to a multitude of real-world situations. At the same time, advances in technology have enabled option-pricing capability to re-locate of Wall Street and into mainstream corporations. The authors desire to acknowledge the efforts of Sam Blyakher, Cem Inal, Max Michaels, Yiannos Pierides, and Dan Rosner.

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Defined as the come back on invested capital minus the weighted average cost of capital, multiplied by the invested capital; sometimes known as economic value added. 1, a 20-percent change. Which means the option is riskier than the stock. We give thanks to Sam Blyakher for this example. Tom Copeland is a former principal in McKinsey’s NY office and Phil Keenan is a specialist in the Cleveland office. 1998 McKinsey & Company.

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