Should You Create A Personal Website?

I get it. For many individuals, the very thought of building a website focused on showing their professional selves can appear a little over-the-top. In the event that you aren’t focused on being a writer, thought innovator, or industry expert, why do you go to such great measures, right? And, if you currently have a LinkedIn profile, it might even feel redundant. Times have changed. Now, more is expected of you as a professional.

Early on, when personal branding was becoming popular, I didn’t think the average job seeker needed their own website. It did seem to be always a little much. Plus, your options were limited plus some of the websites I saw job hunters had created on their own weren’t doing them justice. However, times have transformed. The technology has received better and job seekers are more savvy at branding themselves properly. Now, I think personal sites are a good idea for everyone specialists actually. 1 – Think of your LinkedIn profile as the resume, and the non-public website as the cover letter. They each serve a different purpose.

Your LinkedIn profile allows you to quantify your experience and keyword improve your career so you can attract the interest of recruiters. When done right, your LinkedIn profile can help a recruiter quickly locate you and see if you’re a match for his or her open position. In a nutshell, an optimized LinkedIn profile is a must-have for all working job seekers. However, if the recruiter then wants to raise become familiar with you, they’d also benefit from another online source. A location where they could easily get a glimpse of your beliefs, beliefs, and method of focus on a deeper level.

A personal website provides you the chance to create a persona a recruiter can use visualize your expertise and get even more excited about you as a possible fit for his or her job. 2 – Brand or BE branded. If you don’t create a sturdy set of online search results for your ‘business-of-one,’ you could send the incorrect message.

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Recruiters do their homework before investing hard work in reaching out to a potential candidate. The greater they can learn online about you, the better. Failing woefully to create some good here’s for your business-of-one could actually send the incorrect message. You have nothing at all interesting or worth posting about your job.

You have something to hide. Wouldn’t you rather control what they see? By developing a personal website, you may take possession of your brand to make sure the message about your professional self is accurate and compelling. Even if you aren’t actively looking for a job, creating a personal website is a good idea. As we say at CAREEREALISM, “Because EVERY job is temporary.” Easier to get the web site up and optimized now, in case just. Like any online tool (i.e. cultural media profiles), our personal website is as effective as it is current. It’s not a one-and-done task. It is critical to remember when establishing your individual website that you’ll need to update it regularly.

Creating your website from scratch gives you the most control over the look and feel of your brand, but will also be the most time-consuming and expensive to keep up to date. Outsourcing it to an individual website platform is cheaper, but the efficiency and design will be limited by the actual platform offers.