The New Government Stimulus Plan

Millions of American home owners that are in back of on their mortgage repayments or facing foreclosure may now find some relief through the new plan that President Obama has put in place. The Making Affordable Home Program is the new program that’s just being rolled out to provide help to battling homeowners.

Even homeowners that find themselves owing more than what their home is now value may find alleviation through the refinancing arm of the plan. Through the making home affordable website, there is a complete lot of good information about how to save your home. There is also a very useful “faqs” guide. Because the making affordable home program is only weeks old, there might be some delay in getting processed but don’t allow that deter you from seeking help now.

Lenders and mortgage servicers are hiring more folks to can get on board to help with the overflow of expected homeowners seeking help. At the same time, since it is a new program, there is certainly understandably a learning curve for any included. You can also call one of the HUD offices and get counseling about the Making Affordable Home Program, and those telephone numbers are also listed at the website. Addititionally there is a simple questionnaire on the site to discover if your mortgage situation qualifies for the program.

Good luck and ensure that you watch the video there too. There are numerous homeowners in the same sail boat together and viewing other folks that are struggling can help you realize you are not alone. Although this can be a very devastating time, there is hope! The Making Affordable Home Program may be able to do that – by causing your home affordable again just!

  • Warranty redemption
  • Verify your accounts beneficiaries to ensure your instructions are current
  • Waste removal
  • Prepare market reports, presentations and research
  • Interest Rate

WOW!! I needed no idea about the level of the mortgage fraud. I knew there have been cases but did not understand how widespread it was. I’ll see you over at Facebook and thanks a lot for taking up the reason! 1 . 5 years. You should see my postings on the legal activity going on. It seems strange to me that the best estimates for the total scamming taking place is approximately 17 trillion dollars.

This is the national debts! I’m not hearing very good reviews of this program. Sad. I think Obama must have a look at this hub and the feedback here to see how well this program isn’t working! This scheduled program is a tale! Only about 4% of the home owners can qualify for help as the mortgage lenders can only find about 4% of the loan notes and other paperwork to show they own the home. For more info about this scam and more go see our hub and blogs pages.

I would call them until you get to someone that may help you. These were called by me plus they were very useful. It’s not too late. Keep calling and tell them you did not get your package deal. Also, have you contemplated personal bankruptcy to remain with the house sale? You may want to talk to an attorney. Some lawyers will give you a free initial consultation. All the best and I want to know how things go. I’m sorry to hear that.

If you reside in California there are some programs for individuals in your position (job losses and hours reduced) If not check the state programs and see if they have any financing/help for home loan help. I requested Homes Made Affordable program. Over this past year and my wife and I have been living from her income I lost my job.

She recently acquired her hours reduced, lost her medical health insurance, and lost her vacation and vacation pay. I just received my answer back from GMAC. I don’t qualify because we don’t make enough money. Insufficient income. HMMMMM I am current on my home loan and property owner’s insurance. To be safe, I believe your dad should get some free legal services.