Managing A Car Loan

Reduce your purchase price by the deposit amount if you would like to choose the car you still left a deposit for. If you’re worried about the seller not coming back your deposit amount, just subtract it from the purchase price. If you are buying from a dealership that provides your loan, won’t sign your contract until the loan amount reflects your deposit refund.

Leave your deposit on credit cards. If the dealership won’t refund it, call your credit card issuer to dispute the charge. If you still left the deposit by check and it hasn’t been cashed yet, stop payment on the check by calling your bank. Do not leave a deposit without finding a receipt, especially if you’re leaving cash. Ask owner to state that the deposit is refundable. If he refuses, do not leave the deposit. Ask to talk with a sales manager before taking further action if a dealership shall not refund the deposit.

Tell the sales supervisor you will contact your state’s Better Business Bureau division. Also say that you’ll put in a problem with the department of your state’s motor vehicles department that handles dealerships. You almost certainly will obtain your deposit if you know whom to send your complaint to back.

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Call your state’s automobiles department if a dealership will not return your deposit, and make sure the dealer understands you’ve done this. As the continuing state regulates sellers, making a phone call asking for a study can encourage or require a dealership to refund your deposit immediately. Check with your county’s small claims court to take further action if nothing of the prior methods were effective. However, if the dealership ordered a car for you or you drove it at that time your sale was pending but changed your brain, the dealer may be entitled to maintain your deposit or a portion of it lawfully.

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