I Left My Corporate And Business Job To Start A Pressure Cleaning Business

Some time ago I made the decision I wanted to scratch the itch and try something for myself. Short story – I had been in a pretty good corporate, and business job making good money but worried I was backing myself into a large part, the golden handcuffs so to speak. The company I used to be at was undergoing a great deal of change and I didn’t fancy being on the scrapheap with a lot of others should someone to make a call or worse still trapped ready I hated. I decided to create a business in a totally different industry, without experience, a huge mortgage, and newborn and not an enormous number of business experience.

My real reason to get this done was to build a foundation and asset for my children – all along my intention has been to build a valuable asset that can generate my income or be sold if I ever desired. I’m also an employee, I love the enthusiasm of the hustle – I love to put my head down and go 100 mls and hour.

Working in a corporate and business job I was frustrated that most of enough time was spent justifying your job or doing ineffective occupied work – I simply need to get my shit done and move ahead. Boating and Fishing is my big passion, I used to fish up to twice a week and had a small sailboat that was my satisfaction and joy. When deciding to get into the business I place it up for sale to get some good funds to kick start, I thought if it offers that’s my sign to go for it.

2 times later there was an empty place in my driveway and heart but a few dollars in my account and off we proceeded to go. To save a few dollars, I built my own trailer, taught myself to weld, and made a horrible but functional box trailer to cart everything around in. No indication looked, and writing shady to state the least but it got me heading!

The first is of business was in your free time – weekends fundamentally. Endeavoring to land jobs, learn the ongoing work and do the work. I had no real idea ways to get jobs at first but eventually caught onto a lead generation service, a bit similar to home advisor called images in Australia.

In the first calendar year part time I did about 60k of revenue. Second season I told my work about the business and made an idea to exit my day job that season. I recognized that I really needed some help to get through the work, and hired a complete time guy as well as a part timer – things were definately not perfect but we got through some work!

The first regular guy didn’t work out and he still left and the part timer became full time and is our main man today. The finish of the second year saw us strike 184k in revenue and we purchased a second had a pickup truck (it) to start building our second rig.

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  2. 79% decrease in market cover in 2018
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Year 3 has seen us undertake another full-time guy and I’m starting to get the odd days were I could get off the vehicle and do sales which can be an absolute must. Maps), recommendation, and we’d just begun with some direct mail. In Australia our financial year ends June 30 – all going well this should see us hit 300k revenues. This season coming I’d like to hit 600k income but in all honesty it’s just a little scary concerning reach that level is going to require some serious action on my behalf.

I intend to log off the truck completely to concentrate on sales and marketing help in achieving this. We also have our second baby on the path to add to the blend just! I’m certainly not rich – in reality every month is challenging to settle the bills and I pay myself about 500 bucks weekly.