Put Your Club Online: First Steps

Many clubs never have gone online because they do not have anyone who’s willing to attempt the project to make a website, a blog, or various other online existence. That might have been true a few years ago, but “Blogging platforms 2.0” is upon us. Now, a person with basic computer skills can create a put their club or online business using available free online services.

The first question is “How do we begin”. Before you can start to building an online business, it’s important to engage the club people into a debate to know what kind of online presence is necessary. Most service night clubs exist to provide service to their communities for a specific purpose.

Optimist clubs, for example, concentrate on operating community service tasks centered on local youth, increase money to sponsor local youngsters activities and programs and recruit associates to run those tasks and increase money. So when looking at online presence, ask a few questions. Remember that service-night clubs are volunteer organizations, maintaining and creating an online existence will be done by a volunteer. 1. It must have value to the ongoing service membership.

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If not, people won’t take part or utilize it. 2. It must be easy to use so that anyone with average computer skills shall be able to manage it. 3. It ought not to be excessively time consuming. 4. It must be no-cost or low-cost. 5. It will allow and encourage member participation by being interesting and fun. 6. It ought to be easy to transfer administrator privileges to different membership members. 7. It will use most popular and most recognizable services that may put your membership in front of more of the public eye (your market). A couple have a huge selection of available of online services.

The trick is to select those services that may be easily combined into a cohesive combination of services that will take the minimum of time for you to create and keep maintaining. It is important to remain focused and to select those services that will continue to work far better build an online presence. As a guide, you will likely want to focus on creating an internet existence with those services that are easiest to make and configure, and ones that most of the club membership will use. 1. Build a generic email account to use when registering accounts with online services. 2. Create a Facebook web page. 3. Create a secure internet website for club associates. 4. Develop a blog/website.

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