MMEX Resources Corp. (MMEX)

GS Capital Partners LLC & Vista Capital Investments LLC are offering the company chance to GROW! The worthiness of more cash to a startup is huge! Cash gives them the capability to attempt to grow! Without the money it can’t! Venture Capital funds make money by owning equity-shares in the ongoing companies they invest in! So, logic says the note holders and retail herd – are – and – should – be happy concerning this “dilution”! In the end, they want the business to develop – Don’t they? Of course they actually!

That’s why they would like to protect their Voting Rights plus get a great ROI! The purpose of creating the Series A Preferred Stock was to keep the collateral value of the equity securities of the business pledged to lenders to secure the repayment of outstanding indebtedness of the Company. Because of the percentage possession dilution due to the issuance of convertible records by the ongoing company, the voting power of the Course B Common Stock pledged to lenders have been impaired previously. The Series A Preferred Stock restores the voting power that was at first pledged to the lenders. Or there will be no Voting Rights!

Also, the 15-Mil Series A Preferred Stock stocks are appreciated at approx now. 600k debenture to GS Capital Partners, LLC. SUPER MAJOR International Energy and Trading Company purchasers with extremely strong balance bed linens and those that Accumulate! “Texas is No. 1 … We will be the No. 1 coal and oil-producing state. If we were our own country, we would be the 10th-largest producer in the global world.

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As discussed earlier, I have conditioned myself to have zero goals. Hence, any upside is an. And the upside is good to my net worth numbers since I did not “plan,” “estimate,” and “account” for this in the first place. I’ve seen my peers traumatized when reality does not meet their expectations mentally. They expected more but was presented with a way lesser. However, my pleasure was short-lived.

On the same day, at mum’s aspect, she was discovered by the CEO of her company to take on a thankless and tense role that entails a rise in her working hours with no pay increase. Through Providence, she got from the hook. The absurd thing is that some younglings who did not want to consider up that role encouraged her to do so because it would “look good” on my mum’s CV.

My mum retorted that she actually is near pension already that she doesn’t need to strengthen her CV. While recounting the problem to me, that was when my mum understood that she’s harvesting old. The sensation that I had during the conversation was conveyed with the Latin term memento mori best. It was an abrupt, sinking feeling, the type where you feel that your heart has just been dislodged from its original location. I quickly recovered. Time waits for no one. I have spent enough quality time with her.

This is a reminder to spend even additional time with her, above and beyond what I did previously. Like a gesture of appreciation, I randomly brought her to a jeweler and gifted her with a gold bracelet and voluntarily contributed some of my performance bonus into our shared emergency fund as a token of my love. In hindsight, one of the investment activities I got at the end of January 2018 appears incredibly idiotic. I transferred almost all of my cash into a fixed deposit. 2 or 3 days later, week it was volatility! Then the realization sank that it requires some right time to convert my set deposit back into cash.

Cash is different from cash equivalents. I’d rather overlook some interest than never to have the money to get when I must say I need it. I did so something that is unlike me. I withdrew from my 3rd Specialist Diploma program as I have already been falling ill too much and have increased responsibilities at work. As I withdrew at the halfway mark, I’m eligible for a post-diploma certificate (e.g. half a Specialist Diploma). In the interim, I’m just casually reading books (non-investment-related) and taking up short courses/workshops at brick-and-mortar institutes.

Once I’ve recovered from my burnout, I am ramping in the strength and continue my accomplishment hunting spree again. But that will not be anytime soon. Compared to the previous quarter, there’s been some apparent changes to my world wide web worth breakdown. 24%. This is unusual, considering how I have already been accumulating precious metals throughout the quarter.