WHAT’S Digital Convergence?

I posted “files for you” in the right hand column. If you have any relevant questions, please ask, I’ll react right on your blog. Name, define, and apply. Define and identify common digital business idea models. That which was the venture’s model, concept, and it’s resources of opportunity? Focus on the Evolution, Trends, Issues, Drivers, and Benefits. What’s digital convergence? Digital Convergence Ideas and Devices.

It was fresh, well seasoned, and a great last taste of Japanese food. A bit fishy from bonito flakes, but in a good way. I also experienced the lotus root, pumpkin, and apple salad. Such an unusual combo. I love lotus, which was fresh and sharp. The pumpkin was mushy, a little like a sauce.

I liked that too. The apple was sharp, but I’m not really a fan of apple, and I don’t see how it easily fits into here. The best train station of the lineup. Next were hot meals, a meat curry and assorted dim amount. All had ingredients I didn’t like, and I wasn’t starving, so I skipped these. There was a bread’s selection also, which I’d previously found out about, since they feature selections from the Parisian bakery Maison Kayser.

Unfortunately, since it was afternoon, the lounge didn’t have any of the pastries I’d find out about, and just 3 types of breads instead: ciabatta, the device Blanc, and baguette more. Boo. I skipped these. This area contained tuna pizza. And a tuna bread thing. The thing I attempted from this certain area was a blueberry pastry, but it was dried out, burnt, flavorless, and not good at all.

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Presumably left from breakfast? Snacks, coffee, tea, soda. On the final aspect were little snacks, like generic chocolates covered Graham crackers, and treat mix. I love snack mixes, but this wasn’t very good, mainly pretty simple rice crackers, with a few peanuts, rather than especially flavorful wasabi peas. Overall, nothing that great here, but a better selection than the SF lounge far.

The drink selection was also better. There is beer on tap (I know this is exactly what my co-workers will need to have eliminated for!), with chilly beer glasses in the refrigerator. In the fridge was juices Also, and pitchers of their famous Sky Time sticktail. I had developed to try that, and it was good, not sweet too, refreshing. Hard Alcohol, Wine, Sake.