DEVELOPING Your Own Website

If you are thinking about building your own website this article contains information you will need; you might bookmark this site right now or print this article so you can make reference to it as you keep up with your project. If you’re interested in creating a blast of income using the internet out of your home click here to read my article, “How To Earn Money On THE WEB”. Creating a website is not as difficult as it might seem.

Free services are popping up all over the web that makes it easy for anyone with a computer to make their website, despite having no prior specialized experience. If you’ve ever used any social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace you probably already have some of the skills you’ll need to begin with.

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Don’t feel like you have to do it all in a single night. Since it is with anything worth doing it takes time to instruct yourself the skills that you will need to be successful. Things won’t make sense at first, but later all the parts will start to come together.

The very first thing you will need is a good web-host. Web-hosting services vary in quality and price greatly. For the beginner I highly recommend using Site Build It! I’ve used many and, for me, Site Build It! They also offer excellent educational videos, training materials, and online support. Google Blogger and Google Sites: Google offers free blogging and web-hosting services.

This is the next blog I have used Blogger for; the first one is a straightforward weblog–I find it very easy to use, especially for using Google Adsense ads. My niece has come up with a nice blog on Blogger as well. I built a niche site using Google Sites too, and I am being created by it a lot of money now. Follow this link to take a peek: CHIMAYO CHILE BROTHERS. Google has some very nice tutorials and other free support and it’s really all free! WordPress: WordPress is another free-web-host that is very easy to learn and use.

If you aren’t thinking about adding advertisements to your site, this is a great free service! It is as easy to use as Google Blogger almost; their customer service is excellent; they make it easy to customize your webpages with photos and it takes just a few minutes to get create.

If you do not mind spending money on it, they actually have options that will allow you to include advertisements. Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office offers free web-site/blog hosting. Unfortunately, they have sometimes had specialized problems which made it problematic for me to login and make changes or update the site with new reviews. It appears that they have resolved these problems but they are still not the easiest to learn and use. Comcast: Most people don’t realize it but if they have Comcast High-speed Internet, they probably already are spending money on a blogging account.

I don’t know anyone who’s have you been pleased with Comcast for anything. The ongoing service is very sluggish, customer care is horrible, and there is so much you can do with it, but it is fairly user friendly and you are already paying for it probably. Just get on your account and start your blog or web-site. You will likely have to call them at first to get rolling however they are already charging you for the service so you might as well use it. I came across it to become more functional and easier to use than Comcast but it’s not perfect and it’s not free (in fact, it’s kind of pricey).

There is a lot that you can do with it so far as personalizing your site and, therefore, there’s a lot you can learn from using it. Customer service isn’t that great. They are doing offer a free 14-day trial, though, which is good practice even though you don’t plan on with them for the long run.

When I called them with problems the representative I spoke with kept saying “You can’t do that with this service,” but I sometimes found out how to do it by myself later anyhow. I began three blogs simultaneously with different web-hosts and I believe it certainly accelerated my learning curve because it revealed me to a multitude of web-publishing/blogging techniques.