Obese Woman ‘too Fat To Fly’ Loses 92kg To Fly On Plane For First Time

Esthetician Annie Foster, 32, have been overweight for the majority of her life and would always use food as a comfort and eat whatever she could, with her go-to things to eat being cakes, anything or pies fried. At 195kg and as a size 34, the mum-of-one from SC tried to keep a smile on her behalf face in public, however when she was at home, she felt down about her weight and exactly how she looked.

Incredible change: Annie at 195kg in 2017 (still left) and at 102.5kg this year (right). A difficult trip to the beach prompted Annie to make a change. Ms Foster is a wholesome 102 Now.5kg and a size 16 and credits her weight loss to make her the happiest she’s ever been. The power is acquired by her to run around with her girl Katelynn, 7, can trip roller-coasters and it is getting excited about take her first airline flight later this season because she sensed too large to even attempt it before. “The main factor that performed a role in me carrying excess fat was food because it was my comfort when anything in life or growing up would trouble me,” Ms Foster said.

She says the weight loss has changed her life for the better. “I’d use food because at that time I thought that food wouldn’t hurt me, but in the end the eating did hurt me later in life all. She is looking to a vacation to Miami forward, that she feels comfortable flying now. “I was on a journey twelve months with my friends, and in order to function on the beach and also to have fun, I needed to take six different medications. She said slimming down had given her a “new life”.

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“I never thought life being and feeling this way,” she said. “I’m 32 years old, and I am the happiest I have been in my entire life ever. I can now do stuff that I used to be afraid to do like ride a roller-coaster. Annie said she was ‘too fat to fly’ before her weight loss.

“I am traveling to Miami this year, which is my first trip because I sensed I was too large to travel before. I’m in a position to be active with my girl, which is absolutely amazing. Before her weight loss, Ms Foster would eat whatever she could at no set meal times. But since overhauling her lifestyle she’s protein for breakfast, during the day protein for lunch time with vegetables and the same for supper while snacking on fruits.

Since her astonishing weight loss, Ms Foster is always informed how amazing she now appears and is requested advice on how she’s achieved the results she’s. “AFTER I started the trip, I was focused on shedding weight fast, so I do a lot of walking and cardio, however now I am centered on weight training exercise to sculpt and build my own body,” she said. “People see me and say, ‘Girl, you amazing’ look, plus they ask me what I did to lose weight then. Importantly, Annie can now run around with her seven-year-old daughter.

“The hardest thing about my journey has been the mind. The key reason why I say it is because your body manages to lose weight so fast that your brain doesn’t have time to capture up. So, I constantly battle this problem because I still start to see the 430 pound Annie in the reflection sometimes.