The Daily Diary Of A Winning Loser

I used another personal day from work and I certainly appreciate the time. I recall how initially I was afraid of times or weekends off work, because I didn’t know how I would deal with the change of program. On a workday, the day can be almost over before you know it, on an off day you have so much more time to ‘watch’ yourself.

In the start I really needed to be careful, now I’m up to now along, that good choices have really become a part of my life. I don’t worry about the days off or the weekends anymore. Like the rest on this trip, it gets easier as time goes on. Time is marvelous in its powers. In so far as I say “don’t be concerned about time,” it’s a crucial part of the journey. What I mean is, don’t stress about the amount of time this trip will need, just let time do the job. I’ve allowed time for you to work for me.

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It does miracles if we remain consistent, holding up our end of the offer. Otherwise time can be quite cruel, it’ll pass on by with no regard to our situation and health and fitness. Time doesn’t caution what we should do. It’s job is to keep moving. If we do our job, and time is doing its job, then amazing results follow in a short amount of time.

” Perhaps you didn’t need as much time as you thought. So when you’ve made the best use of your time, then you’re actually offering yourself additional time later. Time for a new paragraph. My mom is still making wonderful strides in her weight-reduction initiatives. I’m so happy for what she’s been able to perform in a comparatively small amount of time. It wasn’t that long ago that she could hardly walk to her mail box without preventing to catch her breath.

In the start of a mile seemed up to now away. But she held doing it most everyday. She made it to a mile recently, and now she’s walking more than a mile every night. She’s consistent with her calorie budget too. And you understand what’s occurring? She’s shedding weight. She’s recognizing that she can do this and she’s not ‘out of your time,’ she’s actually adding time for you to her life.

She spent my entire adult life up until I started losing weight, worrying about me. Then I started losing consistently, but she didn’t completely get it, she didn’t understand my strategy. It contradicted a few of her deeply ingrained ideas about weight loss. So it was my time for you to worry about her.

Now, neither one folks worry about the others weight. She knows where I’m going and I understand where she’s going. It’s an extremely wonderful thing. I was delighted to find that our longtime friend Rachel has started her own blog. I’ve discussed her recently, even posted a picture. Irene and Rachel have been close friends since middle school. I’ve known her since junior high.

Rachel and Neil and their kids have really been a part of the family, and it’s always fun whenever we get to spend time together. Her spouse Neil is a stand-up comedian waiting around to occur. He has a real gift in recalling real-life stories that keep you interested and lead to huge laughs. The man rocks!. I encourage you to give Rachel’s blog a look. Amber wasn’t feeling well this evening, Irene at the job, so Courtney and I laced up and going for the YMCA.