Where WILL BE THE Christmas Movies?

Nutty, Fudgy, Crazy Christmas! The week before Christmas will end up like the rest of the weeks in the entire year I usually presume, maybe a little busier, but not bad too. Every year And, I laugh at how wrong I had been! Have had a horrible migraine since Saturday. I’m on the couch all day long.

Reading would make me vomit, so I’m trapped with the TV screen. It’s either an all-day Hoarders marathon or Kim and Kourtney Take New York. I flip to Hoarders. Where are the Christmas movies? Hallmark channel will not air their awesome made-for-TV movies during the day. Bummer. Dead rats, pet cats, and human being feces don’t exactly get me in the vacation nature, but I’ll take it. McDonalds for supper. French fries never tasted so good. I drop the kids off at school and begin a multi-store grocery shopping excursion. Laundry I come here.

I’m starting to think each member of us should only own two changes of clothing. It might make life easier. I peek in the fridge. Oh, there’s the sugars cookie dough I made on Saturday but didn’t move out. Select the kids up from school and mind right to the barber. My son’s hair reaches that almost-too-long stage, and both kids whine and act like I’m handing them to a cult after I pull in the parking lot.

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  • Draw Graffiti on the Facebook Wall of your Friends
  • 2 way Report Suicidal Post to Facebook
  • Monitor multiple sociable media mentions in a single location
  • Am I willing to pay anywhere near this much for shipping and delivery
  • Windows 7 Ultimate, it takes very long time configuring updates
  • Listing fee – 20 cents

My girl needs to assist with technology and algebra, so we spend “quality” time bonding over equations. The SNL Christmas special is on, and we all love Justin Timberlake’s “Soup There IT REALLY IS” skit. Yes, we’re still working on balancing chemistry formulas in this. 775. Both kids are in the Christmas Eve service at our cathedral. Yes, I’ve known this for months–12 months to be exact–yet, I pretended festive outfits would magically appear on their own.

I zoom to the store immediately after I drop the kids off at school. Thousands later I have items that could be put collectively for clothes, but we won’t know until the kids try them on. There are in least nine other things I bought which I experienced no purpose of purchasing. Well done, marketers. Well done. Home Back an influx of fatigue hits me and I worry that my earlier migraine will draw a switcher and get back to the other side of my mind.

It will that sometimes. I down a Coke immediately, a bag of chips, and an enormous Motrin. Yes, I’ve candy pubs around the house for just this situation. 30 mins later, the fatigue passes. I’ve a written reserve? I’m said to be adding 10,000 words to it? Guess I’d better squeeze in a writing session.