Evans Data Corporation

Janel Garvin is the CEO of Evans Data Corp. Before founding Evans Data Corp Janel spent eight years in the program development tools industry and launched among the better-known IDEs, performance, and compilers tools for companies such as December, Borland, and Symantec. Steven Fullmer shares more than 26 years experience in the high technology world. He has architected, deployed, and developed industry leading technology in the supercomputer, financial, security, internet, and telecommunications industries.

He has bachelor’s levels in Chemistry and Biology, graduate work in Biochemistry, and an MBA in Management and Services Marketing. He is a certified Project Management Professional and a member of the Internal Institute of Business Analysis. He has honed business analysis both as a founder of an entrepreneurial consultancy so that as a worker of Fortune 500 companies, regularly managing projects based upon his analysis into practical application.

He happens to be chief executive of Blue Sphere Solutions, providing outsource CTO services to emergent and growth focused businesses. For his customers and employers, he regularly shines light into theoretical black containers. He has added to Dr and InformIT. Dobbs Journal, as well as Evans Data Corp North American, APAC, EMEA, and Wireless survey analysis. Joe McKendrick is lead analyst and writer of Evans Data Corp.’s highly regarded bi-annual Web Services and Business Development Management Issues studies, which are broadly quoted and referenced as premier benchmark reviews.

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Joe is also writer of ZDNet’s popular “Service Oriented Architecture” blog, as well as ebizQ’s “SOA in Action” blog. Joe is a normal columnist for Data source Trends & Applications journal also. He speaks frequently on Web services and SOA topics, and it is also a normal commentator for a every week Web and SOA services industry podcast. To his consulting career Prior, Joe served as director of the Administrative Management Society (AMS), a global professional association for IT, financial, and human resource executives. Michael Rasalan is the Director of Research at Evans Data Corp.

He brings several years of experience as a programmer in the financing, IT consulting and telecommunications sectors, as well as background in financial and political systems in emerging markets, with a field of expertise in Southeast Asia. Michael writers custom analytics and syndicated reports like the Developer Relations Programs Report, and is a contributor to EDC’s Global Developer Population and Demographics Report. He is also a good make.

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