Eye Shadow 101 Brown Eyed Girls

As the old stating goes, the eye will be the windows to the spirit. Thinking about want to dress those windows with some stunning curtains? We’re talking about eye shadow, of course! With regards to accentuating your eyes, the typical rule of thumb is to wear a color the exact contrary of your iris hue.

Consider the color wheel from your elementary-school artwork class – pairing colors straight across from each other on the wheel made both shades look more vivid. The same holds true for eye and makeup: gold looks great on blue eye, green peepers can rock pink tones seriously, etc.

But with brownish eyes, that go-to hue is harder to specify, as brown is a blend of several colors. Because brownish eyes have ideas of a wide variety of colors (and it is a natural color, too), they look good sporting the widest variety of shadow shades. That said, we appeared to celebrities on the red carpet to see what really made dark brown eyes pop.

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While a variety of bronze, espresso, and chestnut hues are a simple and flattering choice, purples and greens in various tones make chocolate eyes look stunning truly, of appearance or hair color irrespective. To find the right shade for you, find your skin’s undertone first. Warm pores and skin tones shall low fat fantastic or olive, while cooler ones will have a blue or pink cast. For instance, Lupita Nyong’o has an awesome undertone, as does her pretty grape shadow to raised suit her skin.

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