Wishful Chapter 5: Sunlight, Heartbeat, A Labyrinth Fanfic

Dinner was quiet. Sarah felt awkward because of their rather illuminating afternoon collectively. Love seemed rather far fetched, didn’t it? A fey enchanter, King of the marvelous land, falling deeply in love with a white fifteen-year-old human mortal? It was the type of thing that happened in fairy stories. Earth wasn’t eating, choosing to brood into his crimson wine instead. When he finally caught her staring at him she was shocked at the sadness reflected there rather, one sky blue now and the other a steely gray.

She asked anyway-she had never trodden with extreme caution in her dealings with him anyhow. He tipped his check out drain his wines goblet in a single long gulp back again, his pale slim throat outlined by the flickering candles. He said a little regretfully. Sarah reminded him unnecessarily. She laughed and reached for the wine however, when she glanced at his face as she leaned forward to refill his glass she was shocked by his hopeful sincerity.

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Sarah was beginning to wonder if remaining in the Underground would be so dreadful after all. Earth seemed able to pass between the two worlds, which offered her wish since she was not ready to completely give up Toby and Kate. But a woman could write books in a tower room as well as a dingy apartment. She topped off her own glass and stood hurriedly.

Time to retreat before these traitorous ideas took root. His mouth area twisted just a little but he lifted his cup in response dutifully. It took her all morning to select the first steps of her plan to trial run an attempt at dual citizenship, after a fashion anyway.

Jareth hadn’t made a nuisance of himself today and if she was honest, she was rather lacking him. She found him in the throne room, reclining across a leather-draped mound as he heard from his subjects. Earth lifted shiny eyes to see the disturbance Sarah wished she got stepped back again belatedly. But he up smiled and sat, patting the area next to him in such a charmingly inviting manner she almost laughed.

It seemed completely at chances with the grim sort of King he had seemed during their first meeting. The whole court had ceased and all waited to see what their hesitant Almost-Queen would do. Curious and a bit flattered she crossed the wide room and climbed the steps to sit down next to him.

He offered her a look that was equal parts smug and glad and looped an arm loosely around her waistline in a proprietary gesture. When she didn’t subject, he relaxed somewhat against her and motioned for the gnarled little goblin continue his longwinded supplication. When the goblin demands had been managed, with a complete lot more listening, nodding, and pleasurable agreement from Jareth than Sarah was used to viewing the court emptied and Jareth rubbed his gloved hands together with a smile. He asked. One eyesight was golden and the other violet under his pointed brows.

His face was so carefully blank, his voice mocking and stare full of wary problem. His eyes shut as if in pain. His strange mismatched eye somewhat widened. He sticked his head, silently regarding her. He took a deep breath, “It can be done. Prepare yourself and I’ll take you up within an hour.” He stood abruptly and stalked silently from the room.

They stood at the top of the road, looking down at the house that Sarah had developed in and where they had first had the pleasure of meeting. She smiled just a little, because-for all its risk and trial-their meeting, and the next quest has been one of the most formative experiences of her life.