Win 7 32 Bit To 64 Bit Install Tutorial?

I am a little confused by that tutorial section. And this ei.cfg document? I don’t really obtain it. I still do not necessarily know very well what it is. It stops my Ultimate from being the selected Win 7 installation? But how would the download know which are of Win 7 to set up in any case until I someplace supply the Product ID?

I downloaded the 64-bit ISO onto my computer and then to a USB with the USB-DVD Download Tool. Something tells me that the ex should have been utilized by me.config thing first? Do I need to run it on the ISO and then weight the USB? As to partitions my computer has none. Open the ‘Computer’ and whatever you see is C: and CD Drive D: that I discovered today will no longer Write hence using the USB. I am completely new to this. Thanks for the knowledge.

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