Making Long-Distance Partnerships Work

But Mr. McClain acquired programs to move to LA to go after a side career in acting. Both had some concerns about whether the business would survive Mr. McClain’s move and dual career. So they included language in the initial draft of their partnership agreement safeguarding Mr. Finkel in the case Mr. McClain could not commit the necessary time to the business.

As it proved, they emptied those procedures by enough time they completed their contract because they were satisfied with how things were working out. The subject of planning comes up in talks with long-distance companions often. After five years of running their company out of a 3 together,500-square-foot office in Birmingham, Mich., Richard has relocated to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA just, a market that has become increasingly important with their business.

They set up a regularly scheduled weekly mobile call. “And for a six-month time period before my move, we ran the business this way even though we were both still in the same city,” Mr. Sloan said. Mr. McClain, who compute of his home in Los Angeles, and Mr. Finkel, who work in a co-working space in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, say they rely on communications technology heavily. But sometimes it’s rather a cause for frustration.

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“The problem is when the technology does not work,” Mr. Finkel said. “When you really want to have a conversation, you can go from shoddy cell reception to iChat to none of them and Skype of them are working. Both say they choose to have the ability to see each other when they converse and to share views of what is on each other’s computer screens.

“We’ve probably been through about 20 communication tools,” Mr. Finkel said. “Back many years ago, we used something called Bosco’s Screen Share, but Leopard then, Mac’s new operating-system, came out with a snazzier version. Mr and McClain. Finkel. So they have learned to be careful after a few instances of departing the camera on and walking away from the computer without logging off.

“Once, when Andrew forgot to show off the camera and his girlfriend started typing, I could see her,” Mr. Finkel said. The partners say they value conference in person. “Every three months or so, I am going to either go to San Francisco or Ben involves LA and we recharge the battery pack of a personal connection,” Mr. McClain said. Some companions see geographic distance as a benefit. In 2000, while living in Orlando, Fla., Melinda Pamela and Tomasello Grimes started Originality Inc., a design firm specializing in custom and corporate gifts. When Ms. Grimes’s husband was transferred to Washington in regards to a 12 months. 5 to their business, she moved, along with him and their two children.