The Unix Geek

It’s apparent Microsoft still has a control in the non-public computer world. It’s sad for many, wonderful for many others yet. Rather than including iLife with the Macs, include iWork. Remember when AppleWorks was incorporated with every Mac, and the creativeness stuff was separate? That’s what the world wants today – to be effective. I’m surprised to see so many saying “how come my new Mac doesn’t have an office suite?

” on the forums. Sure, there’s TextEdit (my favorite to this day), but it’s like Wordpad – few people know of what it can actually do. Change the TextEdit name to “Word Processor”, since it’s becoming a lot more enjoy it and the stronghold that Microsoft has may begin to be broken, especially since a great deal of PCs today come with either Works or Office pre-installed.

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Also relating to the business, It requires being able to have more expandable machines than Apple offers – they need to have the ability to run their server software on the hardware they need. Also, it’s harder to regulate, manage, and configure clients via OS X server (this is the GroupPolicy feature of Windows NT-based server systems). In general, many businesses find it easier to administer NT because it’s been around much longer (this is actually excluding Linux since it was not as well publicized as NT but not negatively).

Also, there’s finished. About developing for the Mac. Of course, I love Cocoa, which really is a wonderful API, but make it easier for newcomers who visit your website. The forex tutorial records is complex for a simple thing too, which should more often than not be Hello World, the best step, and “The Objective-C 2.0-Programming Language,” while an invaluable source, doesn’t get new programmers motivated. At least Microsoft provides videos so you can get started with Windows programming that greatly simplify the learning process.

Note: yes, I know Apple has gained a great deal of recognition these past years, and yes I’m writing this on a MacBook. Apple could quite possibly split their website: half to focus on businesses and the spouse for home. Although Apple has a small science and business section of their website, it is not clear how to reach there through link-hopping easily.

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