OBTAIN A Costco Membership

Apply for a Costco regular membership in person or online. Costco is an account warehouse club. Members pay an annual fee to have the opportunity to shop at reduced rates, in bulk quantities primarily. Membership emerges on three levels. 50 per year and is for individuals who do not qualify for business status.

50 annually, and includes resale rights. The Executive level is available to both Gold Star and Business associates for an upgrade charge. Users at this known level earn an annual 2 percent praise on most buys. 1. Go directly to the Costco website or use the link in the personal references section below. 2. Click on Membership at the top of the web page. 3. Go through the Join the Club banner or container. 4. Choose the membership level you wish. Costco will add the membership charge to your shopping cart software and you may start shopping immediately. Your cards shall arrive in the email within 7-10 times.

6. Complete the application and come back it with your account fee to the nearest Costco store. The application and charge may also be mailed to Costco membership processing. 7. Receive your membership cards. Credit cards are issued if applied for in person immediately. If you mail the application, your card will arrive within 7-10 days.

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