From Dictatorship To Democracy

Recent studies of newly industrializing East Asian countries show that their success can be attributed, among other factors, to a close relationship between a developmental condition and business elites. The interaction of policymakers and capitalists is crucial for successful economic liberalization in Latin America and elsewhere also. Chile raises a fascinating problem because, after initial difficulties, it consolidated both a liberal state and an export-oriented economy.

If you want more air flow, you can attach a windowpane fan to a door or home window, facing so that it blows outside. Hook up some flexible ducting from the hardware store to the fan and have that over your torch area. When on, you should get a good suction at your project’s area. Rio Grande and other suppliers also sell different sizes of bench fume extraction products that ventilate your bench area. All the best with your studio! Thanks for the helpful information, Joe. I have already been taking into consideration the Blazer Big Shot and the Max Flame torch for interior use. Do you have an opinion of whether either better so far as selection of fire size/power?

Debra Sprinks: I like the Blazer Big Shot a lot better than the Max Flame. We used the Max Flame for a long time, but the settings are hard on the fingers and the Blazer is hotter and simpler to adjust. Unknown with the sparky torch: In case your torch still seems safe to work with, try lighting it with a handheld manual torch lighter (a spark) that you can get from any hardware store.

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It works with the speaker, then at least it’s still functional. Sounds like your igniter in the torch is damaged or misaligned, which may be considered a work around for you. So a GEI is acquired by me dual torch clicker. It really is hard to click it as to arthritis. Is there a real way to release it so it is not hard to click.

Hi, Unknown – Sorry you’re having difficulty with your torch ignited as well as your arthritis. The Blazer torches, like the Stingray and Big Shot models, have easier ignition systems. I possibly could not transform it off, couldn’t budge the dial to turn off the gas. Considered getting rid of the torch from the butane can, but with it still lit, that seemed potentially hazardous. In the final end, put it on a concrete slab and let it burn itself out. I still can’t get the gas knob to budge, and the torch unit is only a couple of years old, and in good shape otherwise. Is there a way to fix it?

Hi, Tom – Sorry to listen to about your torch trouble. I’m unaware of ways to properly fix your gas dial. I wouldn’t use that torch any longer and would get a fresh one. You did the right thing to isolate the torch in a safe place outdoors until it was out of butane. Hi, Unknown – I generally don’t recommend trying to displace the parts inside your torch.

These torches are inexpensive, and usually the best option if a component has failed (just like a gap in the range that funnels butane to the monitor) is to obtain a new torch. But if you’d like to correct it, try to achieve the manufacturer. I think Blazer has a fixes department. Obtaining a gap in the range is fairly rare, and just seems like bad luck.