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Hello, I am Gregg the Rural Economist. Here we write about homesteading and preparedness. We try our best never to make everything dry. I only enjoyed the classes in college when the teacher made things interesting. I am trying to do that here. I was raised in the national country. An outhouse has been used by me, plowed a mule and a team of oxen, helped process a pig, processed and killed countless chickens, and hunted everything worth eating at some true point. I am not backwoods just.

I have a bachelor’s degree in business management with a is entrepreneurship from Athens State University and graduated with a 3.87 go on a 4-point size. We have attended the symphony and adored it and I like the Glen Miller Orchestra. Want to read and learn.

My grandfather and my father will always be my mentors. My grandfather trained me about what plant life that grew around us that I could eat, those could be used as a medication, and which ones could kill me. My dad taught me the worthiness of a genuine day’s work and to stay at it no matter how I felt. My partner Nicole, The Un-Country Country Wife, is the most supportive woman in the universe.

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She writes beside me from time to time and I am always thankful when she will. She brings a perspective that I possibly could have. She talks about many of the things we do through the eyes of someone who has never done anything such as this before. Nicole can be an RRT (Registered Respiratory Therapist), she worked well really hard to attain what she has as well as for that she actually is one of my heroes. Any right time I have a medical question, I ask her. If she does not know the answer, it is available by her for me personally. That my friends is the ultimate definition of a good teacher. I hope you enjoy getting to know us and learning the items we must talk about. Believe me, we will jointly be learning.

The individual licensed producer named DRLP must be to have an active status individual manufacturer permit for South Dakota. Will the DRLP be asked to have a scheduled appointment with the business entity? No, however they do need to be affiliated. Will the DRLP be asked to have the same Lines of Authority (LOA) as the business entity?

Business entities in South Dakota do not get assigned LOAs. If the DRLP is selling or soliciting insurance, they’ll need the appropriate LOAs on the individual manufacturer license. Will license fees are prorated relative to the time that the license had been set up for those new business entity licenses?

There are no business entity permit renewal fees because of the State. A processing charge may be assessed by the vendor of choice, Compliance Express (Sircon) or NIPR, to complete the web-license renewal. July 1 Is this a one-time licensing necessity effective, 2018, in an effort to get all agency information up to date?

No, this can be an ongoing, biennial business entity license renewal requirement and process. Will the new business entity licenses come with an expiration date, we can view? Licensees will be able to view the expiration schedules in Compliance Express (Sircon) or NIPR. If the business entity license lapses will there be a reinstatement process?

Yes, the reinstatement process is equivalent to that for individual companies whereby the entity will have 12 months in which to be reinstated. If the lapse extends over 12 months, a fresh business entity permit application must be completed. If the business entity license lapses will these lapses be reported to companies in the same file as the makers with licenses expiring for the month?